Eaten Alive in Bear Country

Cool bear.

Anyone else having issues posting and editing today? The gang at WordPress have been with me all day and my husband is ready to chuck me out the window. 

Classic Editor or Block editor, okay, either, neither works. Classic works better but you can’t see the pictures. Block is locked.

Please let me know your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Eaten Alive in Bear Country

  1. I have been having issues for weeks with WP!!! Comments from subscribers not being posted, suddenly name changes on my site and since I use classic editor they won’t help me fix it. They just keep telling me to use block editor although when I did last year I lost two blogs I had written in the process. Not a happy camper!
    I hope they fix your issues. I have been looking at other platforms as I have not found in the three years I have blogged with WP that they are that helpful in solving issues. I pay for the service so I expect service.

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