You must have a permit to camp on the wonderland trail and camp in a designated and assigned area. In January begin your planning with this handy online tool titled The Wonderland Trail Online Planner

Obtaining a Permit

There are two ways to obtain a permit.

  1. Apply online starting March 15th with your itinerary.
  2. Walk-up to a Mt. Rainier National Park Ranger Station and get in line.. I think is wise to consider you might be doing both. Try to have alternate plans and be flexible.

Details on obtaining permits can change often. Click the following link that will direct you to the parks Wildness Permits page. As of writing this, the first round of lottery will be March 30th with confirmation letters going out June 1st. Submitted itineraries after March 30th can take up to 6 weeks to obtain.

Backcountry Camps on the Wonderland

The coveted permit grants you permission to camp overnight in these backcountry campgrounds only when listed on the permit and in the number of days you believe you will need to complete the loop. In other words you must submit your itinerary.

  • Pyramid Creek- (no group site) 3,765 feet
  • Devil’s Dream- 5,060 feet
  • South Puyallup River- 4,000 feet
  • Klapatche Park- (no group site) 5,515 feet
  • North Puyallup River- 3,750 feet
  • Golden Lakes- 5,130 feet
  • South Mowich River- 2,605 feet
  • *Mowich Lake Campground- 4,929 feet
  • Ipsut Creek Campground- 2,330 feet 
  • Carbon River- 3,195 feet
  • Dick Creek- (no group site) 4,185 feet
  • Mystic Camp- 5,570 feet
  • Granite Creek- 5,765
  • Sunrise Camp- 6,245
  • *White River Campground- 4,280 feet
  • Summerland- 5,940 feet
  • Indian Bar- 5,120 feet
  • Nickel Creek- 3,385 feet
  • Maple Creek- 2,815 feet
  • Paradise River- 3,805 feet
  • *Cougar Rock Campground– 3,180 feet
    (Cougar Rock must be reserved through

* denotes non-wilderness campground

There are two wilderness camps on the Alternate Route of the Wonderland Trail through Spray Park. They are:

  • Eagle’s Roost- (no group site) 4,885 feet
  • Cataract Valley- 4,620 feet