Training Timeline

Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground

Hiking the wonderland is hard work. Some people actually run the 93 miles of very extreme elevation gains and losses but they are accompanied by businesses that set-up tents and cook gourmet meals for them at check-points.

I am a runner too but I used to run just so I could enjoy hiking each summer. I wanted to enjoy the scenery and not be exhausted so for me the joy is in the journey not just the finish. I don’t know how you could see and take in everything by running.

If your training is like mine in January, it usually consists of working off the holiday dinners and everything in-between, my workout starts with getting my nutrition in check with my personal trainer. One thing I have learned is not to try to run off a bad diet. It doesn’t work for me.

You would also think I don’t have a hard time keeping extra weight off but this is not true. The older I have gotten it is harder to take it off. When I say take-it-off, I mean take the fat off. You will need muscle to power you through this hike so a gradual decrease in body fat and building muscle start with my trainer, nutritional check-ins and weight training.

The following is a sample of the level of exercise I do leading up to the normal hiking season. I also have journaled some of my thoughts of my training outcome.

Winter Turn Around

January 2020

Find Your Fit is a small studio in Puyallup that focuses on high intensity interval weight training. I’ll talk more about this facility and my trainer in another section. I also hiked to Mashell Falls this week.

Cross training is key to all around physical health. I hiked Pt Defiance Loop as well.

Book ended with a mini triathlon and a snowshoe to Copper Creek Hut at elevation helped to earn the 7,689 calorie burn for the week.

Two restorative body, mind and spirit days hiking the Puyallup Loop Trail and one weighted backpack on the Carbon River to Ranger Falls.

Pouring rain this past week every day. Tied with the wettest January on record.







Late July Target for Wonderland Permit- Apply online March 15-30th Deadline


Target for the Wonderland Permit- Apply online March 15-30th


September Early September Target for Wonderland Permit

Last Summer’s Hiking Season

June 2019

July 2019

I am feeling pretty confident about carrying a backpack for dayhiking. I am usually within a goal weight and makes carrying a load much easier.

August 2019

Last Fall’s Running Season

September 2019

October 2019

My hiking has come to a close for the season and my training now focusing on a 1/2 marathon coming up December 8th.

November 2019

December 2019