A Year of Wonderland

Photo Copyright Lisa Elliott

The Wonderland Trail

Who wouldn’t dream of escaping and embarking on an adventure.

Envisioned in early 1900’s, The Wonderland Trail took construction in 1907 by park rangers. Each year trail crews extended it farther and the Boy Scouts became involved. In 1915, trail crews worked overtime to finally complete the trail in early August of that year.

Today the trail is a 93 mile loop and much more scenic than the original 130-140 miles. It is know as one of the more difficult trails to backpack on due to the nature of of its topography of rolling hills carved by glacial activity.

Challenging Trail

What makes this trail so challenging is not just the miles but the 50,000 feet of ascent and decent.

My name is Lisa Elliott. I’ve lived my entire life in the PNW home of one of the most beautiful settings in the United States if not the entire world.

Burroughs Three, Sunrise

It’s been said John Muir took one look at Mt. Rainier and immediately suggested it become the fifth National Park.

This year I backpacked around the entire mountain. I hope you enjoy my stories, recounts and film footage.

It’s been the grandest adventure of my life!


22 thoughts on “A Year of Wonderland

  1. What the HECK kind of camera are you using??? Wow! Maybe I need to upgrade..

    Very enjoyable photography of the incredible.

    Thank-you, and thank-you for following our site, too.

  2. Hey Lisa,
    I came across your profile after your followed mine. I am honoured.

    Your profile has so much stories to tell – your pictures are wonderful. Wow!
    If you are in Instagram, I would love to follow you there as well.

    Thanks for the follow as I got to know about your’s.


  3. You are an inspiration! Hoping you’d have time to connect with me. My friends and I are attempting the Wonderland Trial this year!!

    1. Hi Ashley!
      How exciting πŸ™‚ If you haven’t joined “The Wonderland Trail” Facebook group now is the time to do so. There are so many helpful people there. Also, of course I would be happy to help in any way.

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