Who Else is Snackin’?

If the COVID-19 doesn’t make me sick, the snackin’ certainly may.

Even though I have been running and hiking up to last weekend like mad, my will power to un-consume, has gone by the serious way side.

Last week I made cranberry muffins, went through those, a bag of almonds, ate that, bottles of red wine, gone, banana bread that my husband helped me with…

Glutonny is ug-i-ly. I believe it manifests itself in many ways, such as my example of food above or perhaps hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizers and paper towels. Basically I’ve just lost my way with self-contol because there are so many others things to consider controlling, like obsessive cleaning and hand washing. I don’t know.

IMG_4538 2.JPG

My self-control has also been challenged with excessive running and hiking lately. Forty miles in one week seems a bit excessive as well. I could say it was for health reasons, which it is but it all plays into the game. Run to eat, hike to eat, do weights to eat.


I’m not sure what exactly brings this all on except there are a lot of us who are stressed out and frightened right now. Stress certainly triggers it in my opinion.

For today I am a better person for understanding this. And for whatever the cause, I should be thankful for my health and take care of the condition.

Let’s stress less, use more self-control, create limits and routines and remember to breathe.


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