Suspension Bridges

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Tahoma Suspension Bridge

Westside Road Tahoma Creek Route– My husband and me were out for a day hike at Mt. Rainier. We veered off onto the West Side Road and followed it to the end at approximately three miles and parked at the small lot. Beyond that we walked up the road to the Tahoma Creek Trail Head (somewhat hidden) but look for a red piece of duct tape on a stick on top of a stump, a barrel or some kind of unmaintained trail head marker about 1 1/2 miles up the road. Next we entered a trail for 100 yards toward the Tahoma Creek. Next we followed pink markers staying close to the forest and in the smaller rocks. The Tahoma Creek often changes direction and floods often. Staying close to the smaller creek until the trail picked up again we set some markers on our Garmin so we could find our way back for a total of about 2.5 miles to the suspension bridge. 6 miles, and slight gradual elevation gain. By far my favorite route. The last two years it has become rather sketchy and unsafe along the unmaintained portion of the Tahoma Creek due to repeated flooding and washouts.. What makes this one my favorite is the Tahoma Creek Suspension Bridge that you get to walk across.

Click this picture below to watch the video of the Tahoma Creek Suspension Bridge. It swings and bounces and recommended only one person at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Suspension Bridges

  1. Hi, what is the trail like from Indian Henry’s to the Tahoma Bridge on the Wonderland? Is there any loose rock to get to bridge? Also any loose rock to deal with on the Longmire to Indian Henry stretch? (we’ve done the Kautz Creek to Indian Henry but ran out of time/daylight to get to Bridge that day) Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth, specifically the trail from Indian Henry’s to the Suspension bridge has a bit of loose rock and then coming down the hill it is mostly switchbacks to the bridge. I would advise trekking poles. Although it is only 1 1/2 down, you still have to go back up, if you are doing an out and back, it does make for a long day. Some folks do a through hike and that is a nice option. Park one vehicle at Westside Rd and one at Longmire. Take Longmire to Indian Henry’s, Tahoma Suspension Bridge, Emerald Ridge and come out at So Puyallup, and walk out at Westside Road a few extra road miles. There used to be a trail up the Westside Road to Tahoma suspension bridge, the trail is not maintained by the park anymore and it is advised not to use it if you just want to do the Tahoma.

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