Finding Friends

A page dedicated to Tammi, Luellyn, Melinda, Candace, Carrie, Valerie, Meri, Candy, Laura, Delia, Diane, Julie, Jill, Audrey, and Trisha.

Diane Lynch

Diane Lynch, we are known as the ladies in Red by the amazing Bronka Sandstrom. I believe she was the original lady in red though because she always had those red pants first. Full of life you are just like her. You follow your dreams and in so many ways you are my mentor on how to do this and that from anywhere from photography to climbing a hill of ice at Paradise. My love extends to you in so many ways. We have shared so many thoughts on the trail. Hiking is really life changing for all of us, as it should be. I remember this day so well because I turned around to take one last view of the patrol cabin, then the expanse of Indian Henry’s, during evening, early fall and Tahoma and then looked at you. This is that moment.

Tammi Manzoline

Tammi and me have hiked almost every hike you will see here. We go to the same gym so often we hike after the gym if the evenings are long enough. Everyone thinks we are bit extreme. This day completely delivered to us all the beauty of Rainier. I have never seen the wildflowers in such abundance. They went on in huge gardens for miles along this park. It truly has been amazing hiking with you Tammi. You make all our trips the best trips. Even the relentlessly rainy ones, the sliding down hills on a behinds ones, and the long, long, I am ready to be heading home ones. Always, always ending each hike with a hug of gratitude. What a beautiful soul. Love you!