Endurance Training

I met my training and hiking friend Candace at Pt. Defiance in Tacoma for an urban trail hike for our first hike of the year.


This January, I set goals for two hikes per week in addition to my regular gym HIIT training by replacing my endurance running workout from the last several months. 

Since I recently trained and finished a 1/2 marathon in December, my body felt sore, tight and fatigued, so I took a well deserved running break. I also had some hamstring tightness that resulted in high hamstring tendonitis. It took about 6 weeks of recovery with no sprinting or high knee stepping at the gym. I also saw an acupuncturist for 3 non-invasive treatments to the area with the TENS unit hooked up to me. 

Note: The best advice I can give you with any injury or before embarking on daily physical training is see a doctor. During your training make sure you have adequate rest and nutrition. Needing a nap at noon everyday, or having frequent injuries is a sign of overtraining, not enough calories or both.

Since my endurance training goals have mostly been replaced with hikes, I will need to pay close attention to my weekly workout and calories. In addition, some of my endurance training will count as endurance, while others days are simply beautiful urban hikes which refuel my recovery and add to my rest days and spirit.

I also continued to meet with my personal trainer who noticed my dietary intake had changed with poor eating habits over then holidays. My potassium, calcium and iron percents were well below normal based on my nutrition tracker MyFitnessPal as well.


It is mid February and time for my 6 week endurance check-up.  My HIIT gym workouts continue almost daily with just a few days completely off. 

My numbers are:

              Squats 95 lb barbell   10 reps

              Deadlift 105 lb hex bar 10 reps

              Overhead Press 45 lb bar 10 reps

              Kettlebell Swings 65 lb 10 reps

              Bicep Dumbell Curl 20 lb 10 reps

              Bentover Row 35 lb 10 reps

              Pushups 15

              Pull-ups or Chin-ups Assisted 10

Most weeks I continue have two very long days of endurance training either, hiking, snowshoeing or running. My goal in January was two hikes per week but with the weather so bad, there were some weeks that ended up being runs only or I had to escape to higher elevation for snow.

Today I ran 5 miles and inserted three hill repeats with 1200′ of elevation gain. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 10.51.12 AM.png

Click the above map to see the course on Garmin.