14 Days of Wonderland Video Series

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Trailer to 14 Days of Wonderland

I’ve  lived my entire life in the Pacific Northwest and spent my career within the four walls of a classroom as an elementary school teacher. When I retired last year, COVID-19  hit the world.  Instead of world travel and friends, I decided to walk around Mt. Rainier in 14 days and took a few of those friends who were willing to go.

     The hike into the backcountry of Mt. Rainier included over 150 miles of trails within Mt. Rainier National Park. It also included a grueling  30,000′ vertical feet of elevation gain and over 30,000′ vertical feet of elevation loss.      

     A portion of my trip also touched on the famous Wonderland Trail. Iconic in scenery and blessed with natural protected beauty, Mt. Rainier National Park  was named the fifth national park in the United States of America.


Episode 1– Eastside Mt Rainier, Deer Creek, Owyhigh Lakes to Tamanos Camp and Tamanos Mountain

Episode 2 Summerland on The Wonderland

Episode 3– White River, Glacier Basin, Forest Lake Day 1

Episode 4– Forest Lake Day 2 Mushroom Hunting and Lake Swimming

Episode 5 Palisades Lake Trail, a Bear and a River of Lupine

Episode 6– Sunrise of a lifetime and end with coffee by 9 back at the campsite by Shadow Lake

Episode 7– Northern Loop Trail, Berkeley Park wildflowers and a lovely creek

Episode 8–  Grand Park day hike to Lake Eleanor and another bear 

Episode 9– 6600′ is no joke with a backpack

Episode 10– Crossing both Seattle Park and Spray Park through patches of snow, Lisa says goodbye to Shannon.

Episode 11–  Sandy joins Lisa where the weather heats up to the mid 90’s. A potentially perilous crossing ends safely over the South Mowich River and a new way to bake camp cookies for a yummy dessert at Golden Lakes on The Wonderland Trail.

Episode 12  Epic scenery and challenging heat complicate the day when Lisa and Sandy find themselves pushed beyond limits.

Episode 13– High on a Suspension Bridge

Episode 14– Fording the Kautz, Indian Henry’s and Pee Licking Deer